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Sandpoint Idaho Elevation: Everything You Need to Know

The elevation of Sandpoint, Idaho is approximately 2,103 feet (641 meters) above sea level.

Sandpoint is a small but popular city surrounded by the Selkirk and Cabinet mountains, national and state forests.

It is situated on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille, which is the largest lake in Idaho and one of the deepest in the United States.

Sandpoint is a popular tourist destination, known for its beautiful natural scenery, outdoor activities, and charming downtown area.

Sandpoint has a climate that ranges from warm dry summers to cold and snowy winters. The highest point in the area is Scotchman Peak, which has an elevation of 8,951 feet and is located about 20 miles northeast of Sandpoint. 

Elevation of cities near Sandpoint

Below is a table showing the elevation of Sandpoint, Idaho compared to other nearby cities:

CityElevation (feet)
Sandpoint, ID2103
Bonners Ferry, ID1,952
Coeur d’Alene, ID2,188
Spokane, WA1,843

Elevation (distance above sea level)

What is Elevation?

Elevation is the height of a point above sea level. It is usually measured in feet or meters.

Elevation is an important factor in geography, geology, and meteorology. It affects temperature, precipitation, and vegetation.

It also affects human activities such as agriculture, construction, and transportation.

Why is Elevation Important?

Elevation is important for several reasons.

  1. First, it affects the climate and weather of a place. Higher elevations are generally cooler and wetter than lower elevations.
  2. Second, it affects the distribution of plants and animals. Different elevations have different ecosystems and habitats.
  3. Third, it affects human activities such as farming, mining, and tourism. Higher elevations are often more difficult to access and develop.

How is Elevation Measured?

To determine the elevation of an unknown point, it is necessary to establish a reference point with a known elevation.

Two commonly used methods for measuring the elevation of a point above sea level are the use of an altimeter and a digital elevation model.

An altimeter is a device that determines the elevation of a location by sensing the changes in atmospheric pressure at different heights.

The instrument typically comprises bellows that inflate or deflate in response to the surrounding atmospheric pressure, which are connected to a series of gears, springs, and a pointer on a dial.

By calibrating the altimeter, the gear mechanism converts changes in the bellows’ volume to corresponding changes in the pointer’s position, indicating the elevation on the dial display.

In essence, placing an altimeter at a certain altitude or depth allows it to measure the atmospheric pressure at that point and display the corresponding elevation.


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Sandpoint is known for the nearby Schweitzer Mountain Resort on one side, and the beautiful Lake Pend Oreille on the other. It has a beautiful downtown, music festival, and annual community events.

Sandpoint is in the ideal geographical location to accommodate a very wide range of outdoor recreational activities. People come to Sandpoint for its restaurants, breweries, skiing, lake, camping, hiking, and hunting.

Lowell, Idaho is the lowest town in Idaho at 1,486 feet (453 m). If you’re looking for other populated areas with low elevations in Idaho, check out the towns along the Clearwater River. The elevation gradually increases after Lowell until you reach Lewiston.

The Snake River in Lewiston marks the lowest point in the state of Idaho. It’s where the river meets the Clearwater and flows west into Washington.

Schweitzer mountain has a top elevation of 6,400 feet, almost 4,300 feet above the city of Sandpoint.

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